Healthcare Professionals

There are many different healthcare professionals that work with radiation. The information on this website is designed to support your work. However, all areas using radiation should have an appointed Medical Physics Expert and it is recommended that the advise of this individual is sought as required.

Referrers: are individuals who are entitled to ask for an X-ray to be carried out. If you are a referrer targeted information for you can be found by pressing this button.

Operators: are individuals such as Radiographers who are allowed to carry out an X-ray or another practice that could increase the patient's radiation dose. This could include reporting on an image.

If you are an operator that has direct contact with patients some information targeted at you can be found by pressing this button.

Practitioners: are the individuals who decide whether the benefit to the patient from having an X-ray is greater than the risk associated with the X-ray. Usually Radiologists carry out this role. If you would like specific numerical information on the risks associated with medical imaging scans to help with this role please press the "Risks by exam" button.

Medical Physicists: Provide advice on optimisation of imaging exams and how to comply with the legislation. The individual who pulled together this website is a Medical Physicist. If you need any help around radiation use in a hospital or the legislation, seek out your Medical Physicist!

The image below shows how all of these different healthcare professions interact throughout the patient pathway.

Further useful resources can be found by pressing this button: